WiFi Joystick/Potentiometer inputs for Pi!

I designed this PC board to add “GENERIC” analog inputs,

for EIGHT joysticks, volume controls, positioners or brightness…
whatever you want! Wirelessly! Using CAYENNE!

Click HERE for a complete parts list
Parts cost about $20 + shipping (Pi Zero and wall wart not included)
PC board blanks cost $9 + shipping on eBay (by request)

It sports a Pi Zero footprint

-but will work perfectly with any Pi GPIO header.

You can flush mount directly over a Pi Zero using .1" header pins.
On-board voltage regulator accepts voltages from +7.5V to +24V,
provides power to the Pi, -so you don’t need the Pis’ finniky P/S-

The pots can be anything from 1K to 100K,
(you set your own impedance)
Each of the eight .1" header pin X 3 sets provide
Analog In
Everything you need for a pot- 3 wires!

Cayenne already has the extention for
the Pi using the MCP3008 AND the MCP3208 chip. :yum:

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-and for the “minimalist”