BrainBird WiFi 4 channel Cayenne controlled solenoid driver

Here’s an ESP12-e WiFi
4 channel Cayenne controlled driver board.
Designed to replace a RainBird controller,
this PC board directly drives relays, solenoids, motors and electric valves
via WiFi, controlled by Cayenne
and accepts voltages from +8 to +28 volts.

Power input can be from standard 2mm Barrel connector or Sta-Kon crimps.
Choose to install either or both connectors.
Device outputs use .1" screw terminals.
Esp12-e is SMT bottom mounted with a cleared area for WiFi antenna.
Transistors are 2N2222, rated to pass up to +30V@1Amp,
diodes are 1N4001, resistors are 4k7/.125w, regulator is 78SR-3.3


You can view the BrainBird CAD file
using FREE ExpressPCB CAD software at

PC boards cost $68.50
(includes shipping and handling) :slight_smile:
for a set of (3) PCBoards, yielding (12) BrainBirds,
or $5.70 per BrainBird PC board in lots of 12
You can download the BrainBird CAD file by clicking

Parts List for (12) BrainBirds,
Total parts cost $120 + p/h, or about $10.00 per Brainbird,
(12) ESP12-e X $2.50 each = $30 for (12) units,
(12) BrainBird PCBoards = $68.50

total cost about $220 for (12) BrainBirds,

or about $18.50 each

(if you buy parts from DigiKey)

I JUST pulled the trigger-

I clicked the “Order PC Board Online” button in ExpressPCB
and billed my credit card $68.50, delivered in 5 days via USPS.

I also ordered the few electronics parts I’m needing
to build 6 BrainBrids for my applications.

Now, I can add as many remote watering valves as I need,
simply by supplying
+DC electricity

  • pressurized water
    as needed for the solenoid/valve/mag door lock/whatever…

I’ll be using a skinny bicycle inner tube cut 6" long as waterproof housing.
Mount that sucker directly on the remote valve body with a zip tie.
Video to follow… :wink:
Anxiety time now- hoping I didn’t screw up.
The more I look at the design, the more I see things to change.
It’s a disease…waiting time.
I hope I made a good design…
I’d love to hear some feedback