Both Physical & Cloud Cayenne Switch

About This Project

The cloud switches are well known, they allow to control the pass or interruption of electric current from your cellphone or anywhere through the internet, but what happens when the local internet (the network in which the switch is connected) fails and the switch can not connect to the internet, then this sometimes can not work well, other than it could lose the current state of the switch (if it was on or off).

It is one of the major drawbacks that came to mind when designing a project using 1 relay and an arduino connected to wifi, because if the wifi failed my device would be obsolete.

Then, I remembered the concept of conmutation circuit (learned at school, high school), which is mostly used on stairs (2 floors), where it can be switched on and off, either up or down the ladder, independently.

So I thought it would be better to build a switch with arduino (and a relay) but in conmutation mode, next to a traditional switch, so in case the internet fails (and the arduino can not communicate) the traditional switch could continue to operate normally .

And when connected you can work both well, for example you can turn on the physical switch, and turn off with the cloud (an arduino pinout) without needing to know the current state of the switch (to change it)

I hope you understand me, today I just got to operate the electronic part (cloud), during the week I will buy the electric part to be able to build my device with a focus at 220v and can be seen working in a real application (in my house) :wink:

Stay in touch.

What’s Connected

Arduino MKR1000
Level Conterter (for safe 3.3v use)
Relay Driver (1 channel)

Switch (3 way)
220v Bulb (and socket)

Triggers & Alerts

None, only a Widget for manage a digital output

Dashboard Screenshots

Photos of the Project


Part 1: How works a Conmutation Circuit

Part 2: Relay and Arduino in Connmutacion Circuit

Videos are in spanish, I’m working in add english subtitles, plase be patient :wink:


Hi @laurencehr. This is very good project because there should always be fail safe in case of internet failure. Keep us updated with your progress here. I will be following!


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@bestes, updated! Only is pending attach a diagram for circuit (wires) and subtitle the videos :wink:

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Didn’t know you were Spanish :wink:

I’m not from Spain, I speak spanish but I’m Peruvian :smiley: