myDevices.log 11gig

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What is the best way to manually clear a large myDevices.log file? The one on my RPi is growing to 11GB and going to fill the disk soon.



@adam @eptak any idea on this?

The commands below should work:

sudo serivice stop webiopi
sudo service stop myDevices
cd (log file path - sorry not at a pi right now)
sudo rm myDevices.log
sudo serivice start webiopi
sudo service start myDevices

The growing log file was fixed a long time ago, what is in the log file?

Thank-you that worked. I place the commands below with the path for anyone future reference. Sorry, i didn’t look at the details of the log, it might have been left over from the old client last year before i shut down for the winter. i will keep an eye on it now to see if it continues to grow.

sudo service webiopi stop
sudo service myDevices stop
cd /var/log/
sudo service webiopi start
sudo service myDevices start
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should be fixed as @adam mentioned, the agent should auto update by itself and clear the log by itself on regular basis as well as reduce the overall use.

The log file grew and filled the drive again. I didn’t look at the log contents i just removed it to get the device backup and running again.

Any suggestions? Should I manually reinstall or update the client?

Give it a couple hours and extract some of the log (since you posted a day ago now should be fine). You can use tail -n 1000 myDevices.log to get the last 1000 lines then report back with what you are seeing.

I ended up rebuilding the Pi and installed the new client instead.

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