Bug Filed on 04-06-2016: Trigger work flow and lableing glitch - Android

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Trying to get to a trigger, spicificly PIR to Light on, I keep getting dumped back to the Devices page. This does NOT happen when trying to select other triggers…

From Devices I select RPi 3008

and then select triggers

and then when I select the PIR to Light on trigger

I get tossed back to the Devices page

…however when selecting other triggers there is a labeling problem-

From devices if I select RPi 3008

and then select triggers

and then select a trigger for DVK512 is ONline

I get to a trigger page that has the proper name of DVK512 is ONline but states “If RPi 3008…”

This is the same trigger from the online desktop.

I did delete and reload .44a and still get the same responses.


These issues still happening with latest build? (.46a)


Labeling is fixed.

Still getting tosed to devices when selecting PIR to light on


Got it thanks, we’ll keep looking into this. It might be a global issue outside of Android app. Yay.


Hey @Ian,

We’ve released several updates on Android, let us know if this is not fixed. Thanks!