Trigger sms not working currently can you check on it

I currently have a trigger on GPIO 25. I can see it trigger to true in the portal so I know that is working. But the SMS is not coming through two my phones.

Using search is not illegal

Stranger yet, I made 2 SMS triggers at about the same time and they work. So triggers must be working somewhat.

Yah I guess it’s possible tmobile is blocking it but one number is a google voice number and it was smsing just fine. I also added an email and it’s not doing that either. I just redid the trigger too.

I know I suppose to search but is this fixed yet?

I saw they were there but don’t hurt to post new ones because this could just be an issue with my account

Until you delete the widget from dashboard and add it again without installing new device.
@dudley810 we are in the same pot, triggers have nothing to do with user coding (except device data sent to dash) they work on server side of Cayenne. Its being solved, with no info on deadline.

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