Bug Filed on 04-26-2016: No connection after installation [Solved: due to company network]

In the var/log file I got the following information
) Daemon Restarting my Devices
) Connecting to: cloud.mydevices.com:8181
) Loaded machine id V03-BE08…
) Excuting regular download test …
) Daemon failure handling110
) Error - Start failed: cloud.mydevices.com:8181 Connection timed out

Does somebody have some ideas about the problem

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What is showing on your dashboard?



What OS? Wheezy or Jessie?

So it looks like the Cayenne agent is have a hard time connecting. Are you on a company network, or some limited network that might block ports?


Still loading

Yes it’s a company network,
I thought, that if the devices request a connection to a server from insight the network, there should be no security issues about ports. Has the port 8181 to be open or is it possible to configure the server to port 80?

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Jessie but no lite

Port 8181 has to be open. We are looking to migrate to 443 in future. Especially since we see issues on company networks come up often. Cayenne should work if you move to your personal network.

@barkinet are you also using company network?


Changing this to resolved, since the issue was the company network.


True, however, a great ‘feature’ may be to have a configurable port, or select a port that is not traditionally blocked.