Bug Filed on 08-29-2016: Trigger malfunctiom


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Trigger to notify me by email when memory use exceeds threshold.
When trigger is set to on, although the memory use is showing 49%, I get emailed. Not just once, but multiple emails. So;

  1. Trigger is triggering when it shouldn’t ?
  2. Either mutliple emails are sent for one triggering or multiple triggerings are occuring for one event?

I have tried this with the setting of both below and above threshold when actual memory is 49% and threshold set to 55% and in both cases the trigger is fired!


Hi @g0wie,

1 and 2 are certainly possibilities, but my first thought is a 3rd possibility…Your memory might be bouncing above and below the thresholds that you’ve set. So, if your trigger is set for 52% then the memory might go up to 58% briefly, and then bounce back to under 52%, but then when it bounces back up above 52% again, the trigger is activated again, thus sending you the multiple emails.

One way to test this could be if you set the trigger well above 52%, like 98%, and see if you get any emails. Do you think you’d have time to see what happens when you do this?



Ok, I set it to 98%.With it set to Above and Below, I get multiple emails in each case. RAM is still indicating 49%.Regards