>95% memory usage after one day consistantly

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    RPI 2

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every day the memory usage creeps up to almost 100%
From what I can tell the biggest memory suck is python 3.

What is your agent version? If you click the settings wheel in the top right of the dashboard then click configure you can see the agent verson listed there.

Agent Version

hmm that’s the most up to date version. What devices do you have hooked up, and what pi version?

RPI 2 with latest jessie raspbian.
3 dallas temp sensors and a relay board with 8 relays.

I turned mine on yesterday and mine seems to be pushing the limits for ram too. @bestes I remember there being a bug a while back but it looks like was fixed. Maybe it’s back again?

i think something might be wrong with my install of raspbian or my sd card.
My Pi kept crashing i assume when the ram usage hit 100 percent.

I grabbed a different SD card and am re-setting it up to see if that was the issue.

I am having the same problem. I have to reset every 12-24 hours. I’m also noticing a very large log file building. I haven’t checked to see if that’s normal or not yet.

new card, new install, 96% mem usage after 2 days running.

rebooted yesterday.
96% again after 24hrs.

Are you using by anychance Adafruit ILI9341 library or DS18b20 temp sensor? I have the same problems, getting rid of the ILI9341 was the key (display.clear() has a memmory leak)

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Hi team,

I am using 3 DS18B20 and I have the same problem RAM up to 95% Raspberry Pi 3 with latest jessie raspbian.

Sounds like continuous data logging, easily verified…or a memory leak.

Do you have some other software working on the Pi, so the problem is maybe not cayenne?

I do have 3 dallas 1 wire temp sensors.
well i had 3.
one is disconnected right now but all 3 are still showing in the dashboard.

could that be the issue?
from what i see there are two instances of python3 running sucking up the ram according to TOP.
could be a memory leak in some module?

It’s a fresh install of latest raspbian followed by a cayenne install and nothing else.

I can confirm I have this bug as well but the Cayenne team has not yet confirmed it so it’s not being worked on. Unfortunately there isn’t an estimate on when they will get to it yet, just hang in there. Here is a workaround for the growing log the last time this bug was around: Bug Filed on 12-21-2015: SD become full in few hours - #8 by adam unfortunately the ram issue will need a reboot.

Hi Adam,

Thats right, that is why I need to do in order to free my lack of ram once per week.

I too noticed this issue. I did a fresh install of Raspbian last night followed by the Cayenne installation. At first the RAM use was around 30%, but today it’s back to around 95%.

Hi all, I can confirm we’re aware of this issue (I see it on one of my own Pis), and it’s a top development item to be fixed. I’ll update as soon as I know more about a fix.

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