Bug Filed on 05-11-2016: 'Waiting for the remote computer' message


Continuing the discussion from Release Notes May 10, 2016 (Pi Agent and Android App Update):

Hi burnham, sorry for the trouble you’re seeing. I’m breaking it out from the release notes thread so things don’t get cluttered there.

Can you check the version on the Cayenne Agent that’s running on your Pi at the location displayed in this screenshot, and let me know which it is?


Hi @burnham,

Looks like you weren’t tagged on this original post. Can you check the agent version and let us know what version your Pi is running?




I certainly hope you’re not still seeing this behavior after all of this time. I’m going to move the bug to our Resolved category since we’ve not reproduced this on our side or heard back from you.

By all means, if this is still occurring, let us know the agent version as pictured earlier in the thread and we’ll continue to help troubleshoot.