Bug Filed on 06-20-2016: ADS1115 needs adding to phone apps, more


The ADS1115 I added using a browser, does not show up on the iPhone or Android LG Optimus.
The ADS1115 I added using iPhone does not show up anywhere.
Allow the device to show up on the phone visa vie the Extension page/tab. Makiing the menu bar at the bottom of the iPhone page slide left and right would allow addition of tabs such as ‘Extensions’.
The ADS11115 device does not show up in the sidebar. I setup two new projects and only the original is view-able and actually added the ADS1115.
Allow the sidebar to be occupied by the selected project.
Add a settings button on the extension device that has a delete option.

Thank you,
Jim J

Note : fixed, by staff? . The ADS11115 shows up on the iPhone.

Hi Jim, would you mind posting your fix?

Which one?

I saw that and thought you may have found a fix, but that may have just been Cayenne staff editing your post.