Extensions view on phones


What dashboard are you using? (Web, iOS, Android)
iOS, Android

What OS? (Jessie, Wheezy)

What Model Pi?

Please describe the bug / issue. Attaching any relevant screenshots would be very helpful!

There is no way to view an ADS1115 on a phone. There is no ‘Extensions’ tab/button in either the iOS or Android apps.


Hi @jimlynnjulian2,

There should be a drop down on the GPIO tab on mobile device. There is not much real estate on mobile device, so it’s a little hidden. See pic below


You must be using an Android phone. The iPhone has the menu bar at the bottom.
I found the ADS1115 tab beside the GPIO tab at the top of the GPIO page.


Ah, yes the iOS is at the bottom, I was an Android.



I’ve ordered several more ADA1115s. According to the current iOS layout, the tabs are going to get narrower and narrower.
Am I correct?
I want to use one card for each panel. I need to read the voltage and current coming from each panel.
How many ADS1115s can I connect to one Pi? To a Cayenne project?

I just noticed there are two ways to get to the ADS1115 in the webpage. One on the GPIO page, a drop down is near the GPIO pins for SDA and SCL. Then there is the extensions page itself, of course.

I was an Android once. Then I went into therapy, and the therapist convinced me it was all in my head.