Bug Filed on 06-21-2016: iOS app showing positive values for powered down RPi

What dashboard are you using? (Web, iOS, Android)

iOS 9.3.2

What OS? (Jessie, Wheezy)

Jessie full.

What Model Pi?


Please describe the bug / issue. Attaching any relevant screenshots would be very helpful!

I shutdown a Pi using the iOS app. However, I notice the iOS app is still reporting ‘busy’ values. Web dashboard confirms that the Pi is down.

iOS app is still reporting busy values (2% CPU, 26% RAM, 38% Storage, 129degF, 4.3Mbps (all values static)) for this same Pi which I shut down using the iOS app.

The ‘Remote Access’ option is de-lighted, however, but values in the iOS app have not reset.

And ‘Processes’ widget is missing.

(This is the same RPi and dashboard as my previous ticket (Web and IOS dashboards differ on storage values))

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I would take a guess it’s just hung up on the last values reported, but I agree it should zero out after a minute or so of being offline.

@ats1080s @sean It seems we are all in agreement on expected iOS behavior. Will add this to list of iOS fixes.

Note: we’ve already pushed latest iOS updates to Apple Store, so this particular fix will be on the subsequent release :slight_smile: