Bug Filed on 12-07-2015: Mobile phone browser

1. Is this related to iOS or the online dashboard?


2. Please describe the issue you are experiencing in as much detail so we can quickly resolve.

Doesnt show anything on my mobile phone browser (Galaxy S4 - Chrome), also on the page a spelling mistake with the a an" Do you have a an invite or would you like to be a part of the myDevices Cayenne Testing Program?"

Hi Chaun,

We’ll fix the spelling mistake.

Can you give us the URL that was not displaying on your Galaxy S4?



Now that I have logged in on my pc and noticed the steps to follow can I see the pi, before that just gave me an option to log out.
Please change the size of the android app that’s coming soon

Spoke to soon, although it now shows dashboard and gpio on the drop down list it doesn’t respond when clicked, tried normal Internet app and chrome

Hi Chaun,

We do not support mobile browser for our online dashboard. The online dashboard should work with a tablet though, or a phablet (phone / tablet?).

Once we get our iOS and Android apps out this mobile browsing hopefully won’t be an issue :smile:

Moving this to Resovled category…