Bug Filed on 12-11-2015: GPIO functionality and friendliness ? skins

1. Is this related to iOS or the online dashboard?

online dashboard

2. Please describe the issue you are experiencing in as much detail so we can quickly resolve.

  • I have two sets of Memory, Processor, Storage gadgets
  • DS18B20 came up nicely thanks. Is there perhaps a parallel Deg C version ?
  • How many Pi can I hook up ? I want to try a separate B+ Can I just run the installer and add another Pi ?
  • The GPIO pin state I can toggle IN/Out okay but jhave not managed to illuminate an LED from it yet. WebIOPi off LAN works. (or is conflicting ?)
  • The laout / numbering on the GPIO graphic I find Very confusing… is is partly graphical of the hardware pins of grouped by ‘system’
  • Recommend a few GPIO ‘skins’ that show the physical or Soft pin numbering

Sorry about this backlog of issues…

~ Andrew

Hey Andrew,

You can hook up lots of Pi’s :smile:

We are still working on the bug where multiple widgets appear.

Yes, one-wire sensors on Pin 4 will be automatically detected.

Showing different skins makes sense, since a user may prefer one over the other… great suggestion.

Don’t be sorry, this is Beta and this is what we need to make the platform better!