Bug Filed on 12-13-2015: Generic DI DO Weirdness

1. Is this related to iOS or the online dashboard?


2. Please describe the issue you are experiencing in as much detail so we can quickly resolve.

  • Setting up an ONY:OFFY or I/O or 1/0 option for digital OP or digital IP seems to require setting a lamp up first and Then AFter being able to go in at a later stage and choose simple ‘Value’ I.e. looks like an icon has to be chosen and set up first before being able to go back and sometimes the simple ‘Value’

  • Note… Word Value is very close to work Valve and will be misread / misunderstood… Don’t want to waste any water…

  • Indication that these buttons are INputs or Outputs at a glance somehow would help beginners…

  • Can’t set up more than one IP or one OP at the moment as “Please fix the following errors: This device name is already being used, please choose a different name” message comes up and refuses to allow anything else to happen.

  • Temperature Min Max can be setup ok but seems to have no effect on the display Min Max

  • A Deg C option / skin would be nice, low priority - some how when you get around to it

+ves…Progress… I now have a single DI and single DO + temperature.

~ Andrew

Hey Andrew,

  • Looks like we have logic that forces a selection in order to move to the next drop down…you’re not a fan?

  • Got it. And especially not here in California, we’re in a drought!

  • You are talking about giving indication if a widget is an input or output?

  • Need to change the name of the second device. For example, if you setup two BMP180’s, the second BMP180 would have to be, say, BMP180z. In other words, every sensor name has to be unique.

  • Can you expand a little bit? What widget were you using, what were your expectations?

Thanks Andrew!


I can understand the need for individual labels / tags but I am working with the Generic GPIO pins but have not yet cracked the sequence to get more than One INput or One OUTput labelled and set up… Yes a video or screen drive by of what a normal setup it is supposed to look like (Generic GPIO multiple pins in my case ) would be good to compare notes and pick up what I am missing…

I will admit it could be the speed / antique OS I am using chrome on but tonight per screen shot I have

~ Andrew

@svazir @akaranfilian

Looks like this bug resurfaced.

Yes, chrome can not handle what looks like 6 to 10 repeat duplicate screens.

Note that this latest meadness started just after / the very moment I deleted the PiB+ and the PiB from the system…

Thoughts… Could the Pi on my local LAN (same one as the desktop) somehow be making some weird wired three way network connection or builing up an echo chamber of some sort… Just a hunch.

The hefty trafic overhead kind of supports something heavy going on ?

It seems approx 1Gb traffic a day. Allowing for a little KJAZZ on the side… This would be an issue here in nz where we still have data caps on average accounts… Historic, population and shape and size of networks…

The timeout someone commented is suposed to be an hour ? I find it is like minutes… And… The timeout is not one but multiple that each need clearing or cancelling that happen at the same time.

So on start up of a GUI / VPN thing are there multiple processes happening ?
Perhaps ?

~ A