Suggestions / Requirements

Ok the list could be very long but maybe you limited the functionality of this alpha test, if so you should say that anyway here’s a few to be going on with because I only had a couple of hours testing before I broke the Dashboard, .

  1. When setting up a Device there should be the option to name it, instead of going to settings on the widget to do that.

  2. Once a Device is set up and has been assigned to a gpio pin that info is needed when you press settings on the widget (there is no way to know which gpio pin was used otherwise).

  3. How come you can only choose button on the setup dialog “choose widget” but you can chose other things on the widget settings.

  4. How come you have to choose a icon on the setup dialog “choose icon” for instance there is no blank.

  5. A virtual pin for /button/slider/value/etc is needed that can be assigned to a variable instead of a gpio pin.

  6. A led widget is needed, perhaps/also it could be a led in the centre of a button, with an option to change the colour depending on a variable received 0, etc none,red,green,blue,yellow etc

  7. All my1wire sensors / gpio extenders etc are connected to a DS2482 based 1wire master, this needs to be supported, and in that case when gpio4 is not used for 1 wire then gpio4 needs to be available to use as a normal gpio pin, likewise if spi or i2c is not used (not selected in the settings configuration) the gpio screen should not show the pins as being assigned to these buses.

  8. The second pi I connected was a raspberry pi b but the gpio screen shows the extra gpio pins associated with as pi b+ / pi2

That will have to do until I get functionality of the Dashboard back.


Thanks for your feedbacks Toshi, very appreciated !

Regarding DS2482, you can still setup your Pi with appropriate modules (sudo modprobe ds2482), so the devices will appears on /sys/bus/w1 filesystem, then the sensors will work with Cayenne just like if they was on GPIO4. @bestes @svazir I guess we need to add the ability to enable that module remotely.

I agree to the other proposal. For example variable binding was in my mind, but I wanted to let the community ask it :wink: We also don’t support macro yet through the dashboard.

Hi Toshi,

We didn’t limit any of the functionality persay, but Cayenne is going to have issues at times since it is still being developed and in it’s early release stages.

As Eric said, some great feedback here, so thank you. I numbered your input so we can track it better, hope you don’t mind.

  1. We do allow you to name the device when manually setting it up. (see attached image).

  2. We put this information in the GPIO tab (see attached image). Do you think that is sufficient? Or should GPIO pin info also be in the settings?

  3. This is a bug, we will fix.

  4. We originally had a blank icon, but took that functionality out because we weren’t sure. Now that we have received feedback from community we have reason to put back in.

  5. We will look into virtual pins.

  6. We have been using the 'light switch" widget for LEDs. We’ll look into adding an LED widget…makes sense.

  7. (Eric answered)

  8. This is a bug, we will fix.


With my DS2482, my devices are in /mnt/1wire directory …
Cayene don’t find them.