Bug Filed on 12-21-2015: Temp sensor not added to dashboard of Pi already connected

1. What OS? (Wheezy or Jessie)


2. What class/size SD card? (ex. class 10 16gb)

3. What Model Pi? (A+, A, B+, B, Pi2)


4. Please describe the bug / issue. Attaching any relevant screenshots would be very helpful! Thanks in advance.

Added 2 temp sensors (DS18B20) with the Pi turned off then powered it on but they did not show up in the dashboard. Should have did some more troubleshooting but I instinctively removed the Pi and re-added it and they showed up. Not sure what to tell you other than install Cayenne with the temp sensors removed then shut down the pi and hook them up and start up the Pi.

It can take a bit of time to get detected and appearing on the dashboard after a reboot. But I’m not sure that was the issue.

It did take a bit for the cpu, memory, etc gauges to update, but I even waited about 5 mins after that because I went back over to make sure everything was hooked up right and it still did not appear. I should also mention that the reboot command and remote access did not work during this time, making me think maybe there was some update you guys did that my Pi did not get? I made another thread for that though.

  • 4k7 pull up resistor fitted from +ve to the 1one wire data line ?
  • Suggest add one device at a time ? (Just a hunch,)
  • Tip. Is there a WPU (Weak Pull up Current) that can be activated on the GPIO pin internally from the Pi ? I use this on PIC chips and it sure tidy’s things up wiring wise. Then you just have 3 pins / skt direct to the DS18B20
    ~ Andrew

Thanks for the reply but they are working after a reinstall of Cayenne. Not sure what was up on the old install. As I said there were some more issues than just the temp sensors not working. If I run in to this again I’ll be sure to leave it for troubleshooting.

Mmm… OK. thanks for update.