Bug on channel selector

Hi, I got this error sometimes, in mobile app works fine :confused:

that ss is of today


Hey @laurencehr,

A few questions for you:

  1. Which browser / OS is that?

  2. Have you only ever seen this when trying to add widgets to the MKR1000, or do you see it elsewhere?

Iโ€™m using Chrome in Windows 7
I added previously (weeks ago) when I added via Add Widget I can, but when I try edit get these error.
I donโ€™t know if is only with my main browser, sometimes trying with another browser (like chrome canary) I can do that.

Having trouble reproducing this on my end.

You can reproduce each time when you edit the Light Switch widget?

How about if you make a new light switch widget on that same Arduino MKR1000 today, then try to edit it after creating?

Do you see it when adding a Light Switch widget to any of the other Arduinos on your account, or just this one?