Hi everybody,

I am using web platform with Windows 10 and I have a problem with a slider.

I cannot use it because when I try to move pointer it is still blocked at 0 and if I try to modified any setting, it disapper.

Can anyone help me? Is anyone able to use slider in some own projects?

Thank you in advance to everyone is ansewering.

this is a known bug with slider when a device is added using Arduino . add a new device using Bring Your Own and then add a slider,

Tried that, this currently doesn’t work, either. You get a grey device where all the sensors read correction but when you go to create the slider, it won’t open up the device dropdown to allow you to assign the actuator to a device.

add a custom slider widget. go to add new > device/widget > custom widget > slider > now you will see the BYOT device in the drop down.