Button widget long loading times

Hie all.

I am new to Cayenne Iot and i am using a generic lolin esp8266. The point of my project at the moment is to control a relay with a button.

When i press the button widget the button is supposed to illuminate blue when pressed but the button just shows the loading annimation as shown in the picture until the page as been refreshed. This happens on the app version in which i have to exit the app and re-load it again. Is there a fix for this? Thank you kindly…

Image showing issue:

delete this device from the dashboard and add a new one by following this steps:

  1. add new —>device/widgets —>arduino ----> copy and paste the MQTT credentials into the below code and upload —> this add a new device to your dashboard. https://github.com/myDevicesIoT/Cayenne-MQTT-Arduino/blob/master/examples/Connections/ESP8266/ESP8266.ino
  2. add the green widget for channel 0 which pops up.
  3. add a new button widget:- add new —> device/widgets —> actuator —> generic —> digital output.

Hi when i do step 3 it won’t let me select device. Please see image below.

that is because you have not followed the step 1 correctly.

My apologies. i have redone step 1 i can now select the digital out put widget in step 3. The issue still persists as seen below:

Widget settings

Thanks again!

can you add the channel 0, by clicking on “+” and make sure that the device is online and sending data continously.