Button with acknowledgement


How i know if my push button activate or not my device 1000 km far ago ? (:wink: )
And because, i don’t want to add 2-state widget on every button i got,
I suggest a “2 in 1” widget : button AND 2-state widget in one : by adding an led or something like this, that show if my order was received AND applied !
The led may be accompanied by text or only text , why not ?
With or without triggers action ? : i push button Channel 0 (Tx ). if Channel 1 is ON (Rx ) Then write “Heater is ON”


Thank you for the detailed suggestion, I’ll add this to our list for discussion with the Product team for future inclusion into the Cayenne product.


@rsiegel you said on an other post : Send text message to dashboard

The latest information I have has the new widgets grouped into 2 categories, the ones we’re expecting sooner are:

Open / Close
CO2 Detector
2 State with emoji/text <---------------- is it what’s i expected ? :slight_smile:
Status with emoji/text
Tank level
Signal Strength

I’d expect those in Q1 2017, and another batch, which will likely contain the ‘Text’ widget, in Q2 2017.


I think that one is more just being able to replace the 1/0 in our current 2-state widget with any character (emoji or text) that you’d like in the display. So if you had say, a door alarm, you could list the ‘OK’ state as “:slight_smile:”, and the ‘alarm’ state as “:frowning:”, something like that.


Ok, it’s a customization, not really a text reception. But I would take it anyway :wink: