Scheduling a Bring your own thing device

Hi all.
I’m new to cayenne, but have so far got it controlling a USB 8 relay board through a raspberry pi. The states toggle using a button. The board is set up separate from the raspberry pi as a bring your own thing device since it is usb. Incidentally this is all to control irrigation valves.

To set up schedules for switching the valves on and off I could not find anywhere in the app to do this? The only calendar is under the rpi and it will not let me choose an action using the relay board, it just does not show on the list. If I log in to cayenne on my PC I can create schedules ok for any device, they then show up on the rpi calendar but show no action for the event and I can still not select the relay board.

Am I missing something simple here?

Sorry for the late response here @mattyjb88.

Does this video help?