Raspberry Pi Sync

Hi All.

I’ve got a simple question due to I’m new to the Cayenne software.
I’ve played around with a few options for a basic home irrigation system and found Cayenne. Everything i’m looking for works well, but the only problem that i picked up so far is the sync between the Cayenne website and the actual hardware. I’ve setup a few schedules that works great, but i noticed once the actual internet connection is broken, my Raspberry pi does not complete the schedule. (Seems like it needs to be online at all times).

My question is how can i update the actual raspberry pi to keep the schedule and updated time local on the device (offline mode) and only use the web portal for configurations, is it possible or does it have to stay online at all times.

My current setup is a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B with the standard 8 Channel relay module.

how can the scheduler work when the device is OFFLINE? the scheduler is on the cayenne server and needs an internet connection. you can use this to run an schedule locally https://www.raspberrypi.org/documentation/linux/usage/cron.md

Hi Shramik

Thanks for your feedback, you answered my question that its running from a server. (I’ve suspected that would be the case) I’ve tried the cron job commands, but are not a skilled programmer, more like a hobby and seeing this projects as a challenge.

If any one on the forums have suggestions on how to combine this for online and offline use it would be great to play around. I’m currently playing with my irrigation system, but are planing if this is successful to do full home automation as well, but first have to find the bugs and glitches.

you either do it offline or else online. not a good idea to use both together. use cron job locally for scheduling and then for getting the status of the system use cayenne.

Thanks a mil. Will play around and see where it takes me. Will submit the project once I’ve figured it all out. Maybe someone else also looking for similar solutions…

@Nikon it just slipped off my mind but we recently added support for pi agent schedule to work in offline mode. can you give it a try and let me know.