Can ot drag Elsys ELT-1 'Ext.Temperature' onto dashboard

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    Elsys ELT-1 TTN LoRa

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    Dashbpoard works with every Other Temperature (but not this one) as it uses a blue icon in the Left hand Menu, but strangely it uses a puple Temp icon in its device overrview page

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    tried to drag Elsys ELT-1 ‘Ext. Temperature’ onto dashboard (it works for all other devices) but not this one. It was the 1st device in the list and the first element in the device (if that’s any help)

I also noticed that when I am on the ELT-1 device overview page
The Guage Ect. Temp Value is showing a good reading 19.2C yet when I then click on the trend icon on this guage it says no data available regardless which time scxale I selexct {m h d w…}

can you share a screenshot of the same.

can you remove the widget and let it re-add a new one. (all previous data will be daleted)

I deleted and re-added the sensor

As it appeared to have 2 Ext Temperature elements one with a purple mercury icon, one with a dark blue icon. But on the dashboard only the purple mercury icon was displayed

Only Ext. Temperature + Location shown in drop down yet, dashboard shows all available sensor components

This time on dragging the Ext Temperature it works on my custom dashboard

After a time the ELT-1 did show the following in the drop down


Why does is use 0/1 binary icon here and not the mercury bulb icon?


can you check again if the 0/1 icon is still visible?