Bug Filed on 04-06-2016: TEMP sensor 18B20 NOT Appear in Android apps

I added the temp sensor 18b20 and trigger certain event which available in desktop dashboard but not available in android apps dashboard ,what would be the problem please clarify the same.

I haven’t had any issues like that yet. Give it a few minutes and check again. If it’s still not there try clearing the data for your android app and set it up again. One thing to note is that if you have too many widgets you will have to scroll down the screen to see them.

Still I didn’t get the temperature sensor widget even after reinstalled the apps in android, whereas cpu temperature widget available.I could see my temperature sensor widget in Pc dashboard.

We’ll look into this for our next Android update. Haven’t been able to reproduce unfortunately. Please keep us updated if the situation changes.

Thanks for help too @ats1080s


We released several updates to the Android app. I’m thinking this issue will have been fixed with those updates. Let us know if you are still experiencing the issue? Thanks!


Hello, unfortunately I have the same problem. Removing the sensors and reinstalling the app did not work. The only difference between the one that is not shown in the app and the other 3 temperature sensors that I can see is that the sensor id is “10-xxx” instead of “28-xxx” and that no thermometer icon is shown on the left side. Temperature readings are correct. Any suggestions?

Hi @jpaulwicke,

Sorry for the late response here. So just to clarify, the issue is that you have a sensor (DS18B20) showing on the web dashboard, but the same sensor does not show on the Android app?

yes that was the problem, but I realized that one of the sensors was an DS18S20, not the ‘B’ version.

I don’t have the S version at my desk, but from researching online it looks it should be very similar, the two only really seem to differ in the precision level of temperatures they support. I wouldn’t think this would be enough to break our widget designed around the B version.

I may be wrong though. Just to clarify a bit more – you have multiple temp sensors. Are they all either DS18B20 or DS18S20? And all of the B’s show OK on the android dashboard but the S’s don’t? What model of Raspberry Pi are they wired to?

Yes, 2x DS18B20 and 1x DS18S20, connected to Raspberry Pi 3 Model B.