Ext Temp and probe temp issue

I am using a Dragino LHT65 sensor on the Helium network. Last week I noticed the Ext Temp was only displayed only in Celsius but just recently I uploaded a new device and noticed Fahrenheit has been added. Thank you.

My issue is the Ext temp and probe temp are backwards. One of my devises, I installed the probe in my refrigerate and the devise outside of my refrigerator. The Ext Temp is displaying the probe temp and the regular or device temp is being displayed as the probe temp. I was able to rename the displays in the dashboard but it may be of value to have them switched so when others load a new device it does not create confusion.

you can change the unit in the widget setting by clicking on the clog wheel.

Yes, changes have been made and Fahrenheit has been added to Ext Temp, Thank you.

My concern is the Ext temp and temp probe (Temperature) are backwards. I have personally made changes to my dashboard to accommodate the default programing error but when I or others add devices it would be of value to have correct reading for Ext temp and probe temp.

Please let me know if changes are made for I plan on adding more devices and it could prove to save me time.

what do you mean by backward?

The data displayed for the “Ext Temperature” is actually the “Temperature” data and the “Temperature” data is displayed as the “Ext Temperature”.

can you private message me your DevEUI.