Can the things stack v3.1 integrate with Cayenne?

What is the best way to send data from the things stack v3.1 to Cayenne? I saw three possible options MQTT, Webhooks or Pub/Subs. Can anyone suggest me the howto?

if you add the cayenne integration to TTN console then it will forward the data to cayenne Cayenne Docs

I know, it is OK for TTN. Does it also work with The Things Stack V.3.10 ? I cannot find cayenne integration.

can you be more specific to what do you mean by The think stack and integrating it with cayenne. What is your current setup and your progress?

I cannot find cayenne integration on this page.

we have not added cayenne integration to the things stack v3, we do have for thev2. We have on the list to support the v3 but will take some time.

Thank you for your info. TTN v.2 will fade out at the end of this year.

Uptil now, the device’s data on TTNv2 are being relayed to TTNv3 by means of their packet brocker if gateways and new v3 applications are created.
But it will not take uptil the end of of the year I am afraid that TTNv2 will fade out according to the founders of TTN. The developpers of this newly updated ecosystems are eagerly encouraring every eco system user to upgrade their applications to v3, which will happen sooner then the end of the year.

Can the developpers of MyDevices simply not give an endpoint URL to their apps? Other competitors on TTNv3 are on the forefront and evolving with nice dashboards as well…

I have the same problem, I mean, I did my TTN v2 to TT v3 and now my integration was lost.

Could you help me?


we are looking into it.

I did my upgrade → TTN v2 to TT v3.
So i’m waiting for the “myDevices webhook template”.
Are you close to do it ?
Otherwise, can MyDevices simply give an endpoint URL ?

will let you know when the support for v3 is ready to use.