Cayenne and TTN V3

I have 11 Dragino LHT65s working fine on TTN V2.

I have migrated 1 across to TTN V3 and I have data from it.

However, I deleted and re-added the device in Cayenne but I don’t get any pull-through of data. In TTN the payload is formatted as CayenneLPP

I have added the Cayenne webhook integration in TTN.

UPDATE - LHT65 is now working

Likewise I have successfully added a NovoTex power monitor into TTN V3 along with integrations, etc but no data coming into Cayenne.

Any thoughts, please?

can you share a link to this device.

Sorry Netvox.

Ver Facil LoRaWAN Products, based in UK

can you provide specific device link or a screenshot of the same.

can you private message me the DevEUI, so I can check the issue with the device.

can you check on the top right corner of the device dashboard that the Network is TTN and not Actility.
You will need to remove the device and re-add it by first selecting network as TTN and then search for the device.

Thanks - that looks like it.

I’ve never had to make a selection on devices before.

I have another device that looks to have a similar issue. Thank you.