Cannot find Cayenne files or Directory on Pi3


I was trying to follow the steps listed in a post from 8/16 on using the pi3 to grant network access to an Arduino Uno. I am running Raspbian 8 Jessie. I successfully added my Pi using the two command lines. Upon rebooting I can see the 3 generic widgets operating properly on my dashboard. I tried entering ./ in the command line and it kicked back “No such file or directory.” In fact, I cannot seem to find any cayenne files anywhere on my pi. Am I making a simple oversite? Please advise.


Hello Sir, you can download the Cayenne files that you need form here:

Also you can read this article. I follow it and run successfully 2 arduinos with raspberry pi 3.

Hope this help, if you have more questions I will help :slight_smile:


Thanks for your input. I had responded to your post on another thread regarding the library. Is it possible for you to share the link on how to give more than one Arduino access through the raspberry pi 3? The link above is for the Cayenne library download. Thanks again!


Hello, in the other post, it is shown how in the file you can make changes and run two arduinos :slight_smile: