Loading cayenne on my Raspberry Pi Zero

I already have Cayenne running on my Raspberry Pi 3 and am now attempting to run it on a Raspberry Pi Zero. When I try to follow the instructions on the video “getting started”, I find I cannot read the 2 lines that are to be entered on the Pi terminal. I try to view the same lines by running the video on my PC but ever time I enter them on the Pi Zero terminal, I receive an error message “ERROR 404: Not Found”. The lines I am entering are “wget http://responsive.mydevices.com/rpi/rpi_b5yhs71zg6.sh”. Any idea about what I’m doing wrong ?


Where did you find wget http://responsive.mydevices.com/rpi/rpi_b5yhs71zg6.sh? Can you take a screen shot and send it? Try these two commands:

wget https://cayenne.mydevices.com/dl/rpi_b5yhs71zg6.sh
sudo bash rpi_b5yhs71zg6.sh -v

First let me thank you for your response. Now as to where I found the commands I typed. I haven’t use the Cayenne software since I used it on my other Raspberry Pi so I played the video “Getting Started” and incorrectly though that I should type the commands that are displayed in that video. After receiving your response I began to wonder where you had gotten them from, and then remember that I added the first Pi as well as all the sensors I used via the “Add New” selection on the Dashboard. I selected that option, specified a Raspberry Pi and saw the 2 commands I was to enter on the Raspberry Pi terminal were the 2 you had said specified.
Thanks Again

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Thanks for responding! Changed your topic to helped.