Cayenne Is not Installing On Pi. The host is not rechable


What dashboard are you using? (Web, iOS, Android)

Web And Android

What OS? (Jessie)


What Model Pi?

Pi 3

Please describe the bug / issue. Attaching any relevant screenshots would be very helpful!

It is not being downloaded . Issue seems to be with this file .


Hi @mustajabhannan,

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We’ve created a post to trouble shoot potential issues. Would you mind taking a look and seeing if it applies? Keep us updated with what you find.



Hey , I guess You did’nt read the issue. xD. Well thats not the issue. Right now , Cayenne is not being installed on Pi. Actually what I found the problem is that , a file at this location is not being found. I think the problem is there itself.
Thank You .


Sorry about that. Is there an error? Can you post what the terminal is showing?



Is the page which I mentioned above is working at your end ??
It just stops and hangs saying Getting Headers 0% .
Thanks .
PS: Thanks For Quick Reply. :slight_smile:


Yes, the page should be working. I’ve also just confirmed by doing a new install too, no issues.

Try doing sudo apt-get upgrade and sudo apt-get update on the Pi 3. If you have a early version of Jessie on the Pi 3 then I find that this helps.

Keep us updated,



Well , Thats weird. I’ll try again.


Sorry to say , But it is’int installing . ! :frowning:


Here is the screenshot. @bestes


Another Screenshot. The latest one.

Is there any alternative method . ?


A couple quick thoughts-

Are you using Jessie full version, or Jessie Lite?

Could you post the output from the following command on your Pi-
df -h




There you go. Its Jessie Full Version.

I’m tried installing it on Pi2 As well , But it didnt work .


Well darn.

That is very odd.

Were these fresh OS installs? Or are there other packages running on these systems?



What do u mean by fresh install ? and other packages ??


Sorry for the confusion.

By a fresh install, I mean did you just now install Jessie on the SD card or have you been using it for other things prior to installing Cayenne.

And by other packages, I mean have you installed other software on the card prior to trying to install Cayenne? Things like Webiopi have been known to interfere with Cayenne installations.



Nop. I am using WiringPi , Mailing Server and Apache Server with bla bla bla. Simply I’m running LAMP.


Sounds like a busy machine! Sadly all of the installs I have done are basically stand alone Cayanne boxes. Maybe I’ll load up a Pi with lots of stuff (LAMP) and give it a try. Unfortunately I don’t have the time to do that tonight.

This is where we reach out to the group and ask- anyone had problems installing Cayenne on a LAMP box?

@mustajabhannan sorry I wasn’t more help.



No Problem. Thanks For Your Help. But actually Still I would say the same. That is On my end the file
Is not being downloaded and connection times out. Please give it a try downloading this link. What happens when u visit this link ?


Downloaded onto my windows box in about 8 seconds.


I’m guessing with all the other stuff you have loaded onto your Pi’s, you’ve never had a problem downloading .gz files before.




Well , I think this is it. At my end this file does not get loaded. The page times out saying DNS Not FOUND.
Seems to be a network issue. Thanks Alot for your support