Cannot view dashboard or overview while using Safari web browser


The dashboard does not populate with widgets when using Safari web browser on an Apple device but displays fine when using Firefox/Chrome on a PC desktop.


I’m seeing a similar issue too with safari. My widgets display but it takes them about 15-30 seconds to populate the dashboard. When they finally do load, it bogs the whole browser down like its out of memory. Doing anything on the dashboard takes 10-20 seconds at least. I don’t think it is a memory issue as I’m running 16gb for ram.

I tried Opera and nothing loads. Just a blank page. Only way it got it to run normally is with Chrome.


Hi @inertia2002 & @vapor83,

What versions of Safari & OSX are you running?
Have you tried clearing the cache on Safari ( & trying again?




For me it’s iOS 9 with built in browser. I tried again after deleting all browser data and still no joy.



Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.3 & Safari Version 11.0.3 (13604.5.6). I cleared all the website data and while it did improve I think, its still very slow and unresponsive at times. Anything else to try?


I am having the same issue…I can access the setup your arduino step 1 page, but nothing pops up, on both Chrome and IE. When using Microsoft Edge browser, I can make it all the way through setup to the point where you click the “Sketch” button…but the sketch never appears.