GPIO Channel Disabled


I just installed cayenne on a Raspberry Pi 3. I tried to add an LED but the GPIO channel is always disabled. I went to Raspberry Pi Config and enabled the remote GPIO but still the same. Any suggestions?


-which GPIO?
Not all the RasPi GPIOs are available…
and you should not have to change the config in RasPi Config.

To correctly add GPIO, you must add the input or output devices’ port, and assign in “Add” on your Cayenne home page (upper left corner-ish).

I am having the same issue.
When I try to even add a light to my Raspberry Pi Device,
I select Integrated GPIO
But the channel field is totally is totally greyed out.
(I am trying to control using GPIO17)

And the Add Actuator button is also Greyed out

Hi @deran,

Is your Raspberry Pi offline while you are trying to add a widget to it?