Cant add Dragino devices any more

II try to add new sensors from Dragino to Cayenne a LHT-65 and a LDDS75
Two other Sensors. LHT 65 and a LGT 92 are working fine.
If I put all the information and the DEV EUI the green field to add the device remains greyed out and the device cant be added.

can you PM me a screenshot.

Good morning again

I have the problem that I can’t add the device in the screenshot below.

I already tried all the things suggested in the forum.

Could you Help me?

Best regards Hanspeter

you have to wait for atleast 1 hour before adding a device which has been removed.

I waited for more than a day, in Node Red it working as it should

that is because the device is already registered and sending data to cayenne,
the payload received is:

request,info,api,network,ttn,A840410001818561,decode,lorawan.dragino.ltio] data: {"sensors":[{"channel":205,"type":"current","unit":"ma","value":24.411,"name":"Current 1"},{"channel":206,"type":"current","unit":"ma","value":4.322,"name":"Current 2"},{"channel":159,"type":"voltage","unit":"v","value":0,"name":"Voltage 1"},{"channel":160,"type":"voltage","unit":"v","value":0,"name":"Voltage 2"},{"channel":207,"type":"digital_actuator","unit":"d","value":0,"name":"Relay 1"},{"channel":208,"type":"digital_actuator","unit":"d","value":0,"name":"Relay 2"},{"channel":103,"type":"digital_sensor","unit":"d","value":0,"name":"Digital Input 3"},{"channel":102,"type":"digital_sensor","unit":"d","value":0,"name":"Digital Input 2"},{"channel":104,"type":"digital_sensor","unit":"d","value":1,"name":"Digital Input 1"},{"channel":211,"type":"digital_actuator","unit":"d","value":1,"name":"Digital Output 3"},{"channel":210,"type":"digital_actuator","unit":"d","value":1,"name":"Digital Output 2"},{"channel":209,"type":"digital_actuator","unit":"d","value":1,"name":"Digital Output 1"}],"options":{"Relay 1":0,"Relay 2":0,"Digital Output 1":0,"Digital Output 2":0,"Digital Output 3":0}}

Thank you, in this case I have to talk to the one who gave me the device to unregister it.

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