Dragino LGT-92 TTN Data not showing in Cayenne

Hi there,

I have a working TTN config with a Dragino LGT-92. In the TTN console I can see the payload arriving.

I created an integration with Cayenne and I 've set the payload Format to Cayenne LPP. I created a device in Cayenne with TTN and de right DevEUI. Despite that, still no data in cayenne.

Here’s the payload:

Thanks for helping out.

there is no device present in the cayenne supported device named dragino lgt-92. have you added it as an cayenne LPP device then the payload shown in the image is not cayenne LPP format. https://developers.mydevices.com/cayenne/docs/lora/#lora-cayenne-low-power-payload

I have the same issue.
The Dragino LGT-92 is listed as a supported device, just not under “D” from Dragino, but under “L” from LGT (or search for LGT).

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thanks @stevenvanh for bringing into my notice. i looked at “D” and it did not show as you mentioned.
@jasper @stevenvanh can you private message me your DevEUI so i can check what is the issue.


the issue has been fixed. Delete the previous device and add now as Dragino GPS Tracker LGT-92 v1.4

Thanks a lot! It works, but I can only select it as a device with a fixed postition. Which is clearly not the situation with a GPS tracker. :wink: Don’t see a GPS location appearing from the payload.

Thanks for checking.

okay. let me check it out.

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can you check now ? we have update it. Delete and re-add the device and let me know if there is any issue.

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Works perfectly! Thanks!

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Did you disable the motion sensor for lowering the payload?
I did that and got problems with cayenne. After active the motion data it was ok. Maybe this is fixed now on cayennes side.

Is it working or not. I did not understand you properly

I don’t know if it works with and without motion sensor. I can say that months ago I switched on he motion sensor, the payload become the original length and cayenne works. I did not switch after that.