Can't Download Data - 404 error

device: nodeMCU (ESP8266)
dashboard: web

I am trying to download any / all of my historic data and I have been unsuccessful on each computer I’ve tried. I get:

“myDevices Cayenne 404 The page you tried to reach is no longer available.” (see attached screenshot)

I am using Chrome and have tried downloading on several different computers. I am able to see my data on the data tab (see attached screenshot), but always get the 404 error.

On the overview tab, I am able to download the data from the widget, but this is only a small set of my data. I have tried other suggestions on the forums and have been unable to download the data. PLEASE HELP! Thanks. - Rich

2020-06-05 19_06_21-nodeMCU-1 - History _ myDevices Cayenne .

can you provide me the steps to reproduce this. i dont get any error.

After trying for the past 3 days at various times, I was finally able to download the data. However, I still regularly get 404 errors. This video shows it happening:

Screen record of the error

can you try on google chrome.

I originally tried it on chrome on 2 computers and had the issue. I had more success on Firefox, but still got the 404 error regularly.

i am not able to reproduce on my account. Can you private message me your email so i can test.

I am also having this problem both in Chrome and Edge

is it happening to a new device that you added or an old device?

Old devices. m03 and m01. Data display for m01 has been very unstable, data shows in data table but won’t display properly. Eventually ended up with duplicate channels and had to delete and then re-add device.

m03 has been stable in display but cannot download more than one day of data without that 404 error. I need to download the last week of data.

we are looking into the issue.

I’ve this problem too. If I want to download more data (7 days) it always get the error code. I tried it with Chrome and Opera.

This is still a problem - cannot download more than one day of data. Tried Firefox, Chrome, Edge.

This is still a problem – can’t download more than one day of data - any progress on fixing?


Just to clarify (and maybe get a response), the problem occurs when using the Data window on the Dashboard to access data and attempting to download, NOT the Overview window where a Chart is displayed.

In the Overview window, using the “Download Chart Data” does work for the day, week, and 1 month intervals (haven’t tried any others). However; this method only retrieves data for the channel displayed, and more importantly, for the 1 week and 1 month period the download only includes one data point every hour. If you have a sensor that sends data each minute you will be missing 59 of the 60 data points each hour.

If I download data from the chart button for the 1 week setting I will get 7 days x 24hr/day = 168 rows of date. And if your node is sending data once per minute you will be missing 98% of your data.

So the two problems are:

  1. Using download button from the Chart I can only retrieve one data point per hour for the 1 week and 1 month time frames, and

  2. I cannot download the full data files from the Data tab for 1 week or one month periods because the operation times out (404 error). It does usually work for the one day period (and returns a spreadsheet with about 1,440 rows per channel of data). I have been able to successfully download an Excel spreadsheet for 1 day with four channels which had approximately 5,500 rows of data (24hr x 60min/hr x4 channels = 5,760 rows - don’t know where the other rows went).

I am experiencing this issue too and I really need the data for test results. Did anyone get a resolution for this?