Error 404 when Downloading Data


I am experiencing an Error 404 message when I am trying to download data via the Data tab on the platform. I am clicking on the Data tab at the top of the screen - I then enter the custom date range that I am looking for (16/10/20 - 27/10/20) - The data is then presented to me - I then click the Download button and it then shows me the Error 404 message. I have tried reducing the date range but this doesn’t fix the issue.

Can you please help me to download the data?


which device are you using?

Hi, I am using LoRa sensors via TTN

which lora sensor?

I am using Elsys ELT-2 and also Netvox Single Phase Energy R809AG

is the issue on both devices?


can you PM me your cayenne email id.

in your account, there are more than two devices named with Energy xxxx. Which one is the issue with?

All of them are showing the issue

Do you need anymore information from me or have you managed to find the issue?

will let you know when i need any info.

Okay. Thank you so much for your help. This data is very important to us so we really appreciate your support

but there is no data for last 7 days. is the device not sending any data ?

Data should have ended on 27th as this was when the testing was completed. I am looking to extract the data from 16/10/20 to 27/10/20

Good morning, Can I please ask how progress is going with this? Thanks

it will take some time for the fix. will let you know when it is done.

Thank you. Just so I can be prepared, would you mind giving me a rough time you anticipate it being fixed? Much appreciated

Good morning. I hate to chase but we are in need of this data to complete an important study. Can you let me know if this is a job that will take a few days, weeks or months?

Hello @shramik_salgaonkar any news on this would be much appreciated. Thanks!