Need Help getting history data from MCP3008 ADC

So I am pretty new to Cayenne, I setup a bread board with a MCP3008 Sensor going into a Pi3. I get good data from the sensors (UV sensors x5) and when the experiment is running (UV lights on) I get great data that graphs along no problem, however I cant seem to ever download the data for 1 day. I have tried custom. I have tried last 24hours but I cant get the data it just says “no data available” The device has been on for well over 24 hours and I have been getting good results on the dashboard (as well as good results from a test python script checking the MCP3008 ADC).

I was wondering if anyone knew why and or if there was a log file written to the PI for what it has been sending to Cayenne that I could extract the data that I need.


I’m not sure why the graphs sometimes do not work, they seem temperamental for some people. I’ve never had an issue with them. There’s a thread over here with directions on downloading the data, maybe that will get you what you want?

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I will give it a shot thx!

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