Can't see my GPIO Panel


I can’t see my GPIO panel on cayenne. I currently have Linux raspberrypi 4.14.18-v7+ #1093 SMP Fri Feb 9 15:33:07 GMT 2018> Could this also be the reason I still can’t get my ds18b20 sensor to register


Did you download your OS from the Raspberry Pi website?



I believe so, there were commands to copy and paste after I logged in…


Hey @scottlandfarm,

I’m talking about the software that you installed on your SD card…doesn’t have anything to do with Cayenne.



No I ordered the sd card with raspbian on it when I ordered my raspberry pi


Would that help? How would I go about it? I did have everything setup earlier this year not sure what went wrong, maybe an upgrade???


Hi @scottlandfarm,
I believe @bestes is suggesting to reinstall Raspbian on your RPi to see if that solves your issues.

If you’re unfamiliar with the process, you can try following this guide:

Once you have a fresh install of Raspbian, you can try setting up the RPi on Cayenne again & see if the DS18B20 will show up on your dashboard (assuming everything is wired in correctly.)



Ok thank you, I’ll give it a shot


That worked!!! Thanks


Awesome! Thanks for the update.


I’m having trouble logging in to the community. Waiting for an update on the triggers. Thanks for what you guys do


Hi @scottlandfarm,

We’re aware of the sign in issues with the community.
Best way to fix it is, log off Cayenne by clicking “User Menu” on the top right corner & clicking “Log Out”, close the browser & reopen.
Then log back into > click on the community button on the upper right > the click Login on the Community. It should then allow you to log in.

Let me know if this works.