Release Notes January 20, 2017 (LoRa Update)

Release Notes January 20, 2017

Today’s update is a big upgrade to our LoRa support!

New LoRa Network Providers

  • Everynet
  • Pixel

New Device Support

  • Zenseio Development Kit
  • Senet EnerTrac Oil eSensor
  • Senet EnerTrac Propane eSensor
  • Senet Generic Device
  • Senet NorAm Mote
  • Insigma Smart Ag

Additional Notes

  • Added “POC” and “Cisco” to ThingPark environments in Actility.
  • Added Support for Cayenne Low Power Payload. This support will allow any LoRa Manufacturer to configure their device to automatically send Cayenne data and autopopulate Widgets, as long as they are using the Cayenne LPP format.
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We are aware of some issues with Triggers for MQTT and LoRa devices following this release. We’re going to do another push today to rectify this, at which time I’ll update this post.

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@rsiegel wiating for Mqtt update blindly
hurry up guyz
thnks in advance

Hi @HamnaBazmi,

Apologies if i got you worried, I should have updated this thread earlier. We found that the trigger issues mentioned above were minor and didn’t warrant an immediate push on Friday. We’ll still be updating for them eventually (likely in the next few weeks), but nothing to wait on right this second.

That said, if you are seeing specific new issues with MQTT or LoRa triggers, please do let us know about them so we can investigate and see if they are something we are aware of yet or not.

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