Cayenne: cannot visualize data in graphic, cannot add sensor to projet


I’ve an issue with Cayenne and my DIY temperature sensor.
My sensor is based on a Cubecell board, sending data to TTN. In the TTN device, I’ve add the Webhooks Cayenne Integration.
The data from my sensor are send into Cayenne LLP format.
In Cayenne, I’ve add the sensor via TTN/Cayenne LLP device.
The data are corretly arriving in Cayenne. In the device page, I can see the temperature value.

  • When I try to visualized temperature data into graphic, I have the following message into the graphic display: “No data available for this period”. And when I try to change the period, it’s always goes back to Jan 01 1:AM
  • When I create a projet and I try to drag and drop the sensor into the project, nothing happens

However, when I go to the data log of the sensor, I have data.

I made video to show these issues:

What is happening



can you delete the temperature widget and let it re-add on the next uplink.

Ok, I’ve delete the project and reset the dashboard of the test-PT100 sensor.
And now, it works.