LHT65 sensor data not visible on Cayenne dashboard

Hi everyone,

I have a problem with my LHT65 probes uploaded to TTN portal and registered on Cayenne. The data I received was correctly on TTN and always updated, however no data is displayed on the Cayenne dashboard except the geographical position. Here compares the list of sensors but no data. Tried already to turn off and reactivate the probes, I deleted and added again, but nothing. Can anyone help me understand the problem? Thanks a lot!

can you share the devEUI and payload data received in TTN console

Of course! Below there are the devEUI:


The payload format is the deafult Cayenne LPP.

Thanks a lot

There is no uplink sensor data received for all the above devices. Hence just the map widget since it is non-moving device.
Please go through the steps again as you might have missed something Cayenne Docs

I have done all the steps correctly, I don’t understand why honestly. I attach a stamp to show that the probes are present on the Cayenne and the data transmission by TTN updated.

Is it a data decoding problem?

do you see sensor data in the TTN console?

Yes, as you see in the previous stamp the data arrive every minute… it’s very strange. Hypothesis?

there are only dev and app eui in the pic. So can you share a new screenshot where there is sensor data.
Also have you added the mydevices integration in the TTN ?

Do you mean this?

Yes, I’ve added my device integration corretcly

Integration is correct.
In the first image it is the APP EUI and not sensor data.

I have a similar problem with one of my sensors. Data are received in cayenne and I can see a graph of signal strenghts or Battery level, but somehow I get a message of no data available when I try to see the temperature data or the humidity data. The correct values appear in the data section and a single point is always displayed, but no graph. What can be wrong ? DEV EUI is:A840419F6182722D

can you remove the temp widget and let it re-add on the next uplink. Though you will loose all your history data.

I can remove it temporarily and see what happens, but do you think I shoud try making an update of the firmware too ?

The issue with the widget is not related to firmware.

Sorry, where I can see th sensor data in TTN?

Thanks a lot

you need to select the device first and then click on the data tab.

Sorry, I see only these page of the device, where is the data tab? I’m not an expert user…

there is data tab next to overview

Yes, but you can see the application data here or not?

wait and see if your device is sending any data.