Cayenne connection issue


I have bought a Osoyoo IoT kit and i am having trouble with lesson 1 - Connect to Cayenne.

I have followed all the istructions as per this web link

However when I get to the last part it fails to connect to Cayenne, it just says waiting to connect. If i use the serial monitor on Arduino IDE i get a MAC address but no IP address, it indicates and DHCP issue.

I am using ETHERNET W5100 connection from Arduino to the laptop and the laptop is connected to the internet by WLAN.

Myself and 1 other software developer have tried with 0 success (neither of us are network experts)

NOTE - I am using a works laptop and I have tried this on my work and home network.
I am at the point of stamping on the thing, im very frustrated.

Best Regards


If you are going to use your laptop as a gateway (I wouldn’t recommend it) then you need to turn on ICS to allow the Arduino get out to the internet.