Cayenne IoT and MySensors Nodes

Hello Cayenne gOds…
I have been thinking about joining the IoT world - albeit from the back door. I started out trying the project. I was drawn in by the Node - Gateway (spoke and hub network structure) of the project meaning I can hook up a myriad of sensors (nodes) around my house, tied together through a special node (the Gateway) and controlled them from one place (a controller) - Lean and smart, but it comes with a steep coding learning curve.

I stumbled on Cayenne and I am amazed at its simplicity (Not like I have really tried it out). but its promise of no-code, drag and drop approach make it look very simple. but having each node connected to the internet doesn’t really sound tidy. How can I have nodes that don’t require a full fledged Pi or Arduino.

My question is “Are there any Cayenne - MySensors” success stories? Can I use Cayenne as a Gateway for MySensors 20 nodes network?

we have out of box ready devices, all included in one box including gateway called IOT IN A Box. have a look at it Cayenne Features - Developer |
if you want you can mix-match other devices according to your need.

i have several IOT in a box devices . how do i add them to cayenne

on your cayenne dashboard navigate to `Add new —> Devices/Widgets —> Lora —> Your network server —> search the device and add it.