Iot in a Box connect to Cayenne

Hi, I’m newbie with myDevices/Iot in a Box/Cayenne and I have connected one Gateway and LoRa sensor to “Iot in a Box” where I can see all the data values, graphs and more.
Now I want to show all these data values on a Cayenne dashboard but I don’t know how I must do it because in the Cayenne dashboard is not available the myDevices/Iot in a Box import option, can you help me?

Thanks in advance.

Did you purchase the device from IoTinaBox store?

Thanks for your reply, in this case the gateway is from the store but I’m not sure with the sensor. The two devices were Pre-provisioned.

My question is not only relative to my actual situation (I’m testing the service) because my goal is to link any LoRa or Wifi device where all the future LoRa sensors will be connected to IlTinaBox if I can use Cayenne’s dashboard.

Best regards

not sure why you need the cayenne dashboard, IoTinaBox is far superior and more features than cayenne.

Well, good news about IoTinaBox. But I want to view gauges, graphs, map… in one screen (as a Cayenne dashboard). Is possible do that only with IoTinaBox?

can you private message me your account details and DevEUI.