Cayenne is not working, nothing working

Hi, I’m all connected. I have an Arduino Uno and Ethernet Shield W5100. I’m connected ethernet shield with home router. All ok. Im first copy sketch for connection, and later for widget, but nothings happened. I’m try with TMP36, Photoresistor, Led. Not working. When i’m using analog sensor like tmp36, it show widget, but emty, no readings. All instructions are with old Cayenne sistem with AUTH TOKEN, but Cayenne its not using this anymore. Now using ClientID, Username, Password. All tutorials is with old versions. library is using old sistem with auth tokens. Why not upgraded library. I don’t know why elementary things not working. All is propertly connected, library is installed. And in old versions, people was can to set example Connectivity (digital, analog or Virtual) now only can virtual. Why its not working? Can anybody help me. Thanks in advance.

Hi @spurgin.stefan. have a look at this tutorial on how to add a device using the new library. the only difference is you have to select the example code for ethernet shield in case of the esp8266 library used in the tutorial. Adding a New Device using MQTT.

First, thanks on answer. Im using bring your devices because, other methods are not working, im tryed everything. And im used bring your device and custom widget, everything following the tutorial. But when code uploaded and widged added, im click example on bution on/off but nothing happend, only loading on icon of widget. Im not understand exactly what i must to do with ESP8266. I have original arduino uno and original W5100 buyed from

Im frustrated, i know that is some stupid thing breaking, but i dont know what. Is router parameters, or maybe conflict with libraries. Im trying already 7 days with this problem, and no results.

On serial monitor i get mqtt error 5

In this step are you changing the user, pass, and client ID to match the settings on your dashboard? Those are default values in the example and need to be changed.