Cayenne latency demonstation using astable condition



This is a cool video. I bet Cayenne QA team would love using something like this to bench mark triggers and alerts. What part were you saying was a little slow? The Cayenne triggers firing?



yes- it is a testbench system.
firing a relay from a GPIO.
connecting an input GPIO pin to the N/C contacts of a form c relay.
Ground (-) the relay common,
so when the relay fires, the contact opening allows GPIO input to float high.
It certainly shows where improvement needs to be done.

What worries me most is-
after about 550 trigger firings,
a packet or something gets lost.
It stops firing.
The input shows a non-allowed condition.
Try it! :wink:


It also shows the need for “input” signal conditioning.

Short pulses do NOT get detected!
Also, we need a momentary contact button. Badly.

Cayenne NEEDS “one-shot” retriggerable pulse stretches. Right now, Cayenne cannot be used as a doorbell button input, OR a motion detector/magnetic contact for alarms. The response time is too slow! Right now, you would be required to push and hold the doorbell button for up to 3 seconds before the push gets detected. Not acceptable!

(I sure hope the myDevices people read my posts)
I’m not “making this stuff up”. There is a real need!
Tips from a licensed building contractor…