Cayenne Support for Kerlink SPN2

Does Cayenne Supports Kerlink SPN2?

In the configuration it has Kerlink Env [ Wanesy SPN2 ( ifemto). But cant find any documentation on this,


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check the docs here Cayenne Docs

Hi Sharmik

Thanks for your Reply. This is for Wirnet Station SPN which is different from SPN2. and the Cayenne documentation says as below as well:

NOTE: At this time, connection between Kerlink and Cayenne is only supported with the Kerlink Wirnet Station SPN.

I am looking for configuration for SPN2 .

Thanks for your help

the url to forward data and other steps are same, only the UI is different in SPN2.

Hello, im also try to connect SPN V2 into Cayenne but get the same error result.

here is the error log:
RHTTP ERR Unable to send Rx data to URL SSL connect error

as there is no http transmitter on SPN v2 i use Remote HTTP REST and this is my settings
Use HTTPS: True
Port: 443
Path: /v1/networks/kerlink/uplink

SPN HTTP Settings

Error Log