Cayenne support plans



I am researching for a class (I am a student) and i would like to know more about your support plans.

Does mydevices have any paid features (i could not find any information, so i guess not)? If there is a paid feature does it provide a differentiated support?


Hi @maurocruzter and welcome to the Cayenne Community. Thanks for involving Cayenne in your class project!

The answer to a lot of this is a little vague as we are a relatively new company and are feeling our way through how to best differentiate our premium options. We are doing premium work for Enterprise clients, but right now these are individually negotiated deals, and any specific pricing or support requirements are negotiable when making them.

If you email, the people on that address would be best equipped to answer your questions. I’d say let them know that you’re a student and propose a theoretical use case, and they can let you know more about what the pricing range and support options could be for that case.


Thank you for the quick reply, I will contact sales.

Just another quick question, should i refer to your online platform as Cayenne or Mydevices?


myDevices is the company, Cayenne is the product :grin: